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Just a little reminder, I will only respond between 9am to 5pm week days and weekends are rest days these can sometimes be occupied by weddings/sessions. I also work a full time job so if there is anything of important to know I normally update via Instagram  (be sure to follow) You're still welcome to e-mail me but will only reply during those hours.

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What's the  time frame on our photos/usb?

Your photos will be ready within 6-8 weeks of your Session, Weddings may differ and your USB will be delivered within 10 weeks

Can we get some sneak peeks of our photos?

Yes of-course you can! I usually edit a few photos when I return back from a session as I cannot contain my excitement. I tend to update and post them on socials, if you have requested that your images are not to be posted online then I will send them via Gallery/Message.

Can we request you to re edit some of our photos if we don't like the style of edit on them?

I don't mind changing a few to black & white if I haven't already included that version (i mostly offer both)
or the opposite but otherwise my style of editing is pretty consistent as I have made my own preset which I apply to all photos and tweak a little , By booking me you are accepting my style of edit and are happy with the end result.

Do you offer packages?

Yes, Yes I do - Maternity and Newborn often come together many of my clients purchase as a bundle (save some ££) I do Pre-wedding shoots along side main coverage and  I do Bespoke Wedding Packages. Just shoot me an Email and we can go over your requirements and tailor something for you. 

Will you photoshop stuff on/out of our photos if necessary?

When I edit I do spot removal/Blemish touch up, softening of areas and I can remove obstructions if it doesn't affect the final image, but I shan't be editing to a major level such as: Changing of hair colour/eyes If you request a further requirement such as Removal of person/people If it is above my abilities I shall request and offer options.


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